About Us


Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory is the leader in Russian heating equipment market. Our company produces modern and high quality products. Every year our designers create new more sophisticated and technologically advanced models of equipment.

Launching of new products, development of new distribution channels, increasing production volumes are the key to the company success for many years ahead.

The mission and principles

Developing and being improved we create conditions for your comfort.

The employee is the Personality

Personal growth, professional development, honesty is a basis of success and a result guarantee.

Commitment and responsibility of everyone are steps to creation of harmonious system of the factory and, as a result, achievement of good results of all team.

Collective is the Team

The success is born in unity.

Only the team can become the leader.

Mutual aid and support helps us easily and quickly to achieve good results which are under construction on trust and mutual respect.

We are for the Client

It is pleasant to surprise and please our customers, being guided by their requirements and dreams is a basis of all activity of our factory.

The goal

The strategic objective of the Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory is to be the manufacturer number 1 in the market of heating equipment in Russia and in Europe