Contract Manufacturing

Our business

The development feature of our factory is the contract manufacturing, i.e production under the customer's brand name.

We focus on market and products research, constructional design, manufacture, supply and service of heating equipment.

Our clients are large, professional wholesale companies on the climate and tool market. This strategy allows the company to focus on manufacturing of modern, high-quality products and remain the leader in terms of production costs and volumes in the industry.

Business terms and conditions

  1. Having a registered trademark (rights, approval documents).
  2. Developed distribution channels (branches, franchises, dealer and/or distribution network, relationships with networks, own retail chain).
  3. The ability to analyze the market and to plan sales of products.
  4. To provide minimum annual order volumes.
  5. To prepare individual color-graphic solution (product’s appearance).
  6. To set out the product warranty conditions.
  7. To set out a convenient logistic and product certification scheme.
  8. To issue and sign a contract for manufacture and delivery of production. To make payments in advance.

The advantages of working with IZTT

  1. IZTT partner has the capability to concentrate on all efforts and abilities to promote own trademark and sales development.
  2. IZTT partner receives a wide range of products. Modernization and improvement of consumer qualities occurs annually.
  3. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing of heating equipment. Accumulated experience and knowledge with the product are passed to Partners and Consumers.
  4. Large production volumes always provide to IZTT partner competitive prices.
  5. The individual approach to every client.
  6. IZTT configured to trust and friendly relations with Partners, which leads to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. IZTT focuses on trust and friendly relations with the Partners that leads to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

On the issues of contract manufacturing, please contact the Commercial Department of IZTT: