Production System

The IZTT production system

The production system of IZTT is developed as a tool for implementing the enterprise strategic aims.
It is based on the principles of the best world and Russian systems that helps to successfully use principal directions of “Lean Production”.

The Lean production is the continued focus on production effectiveness improvement:

— revealing and eliminating of waste;
— orientation of all the enterprise’s processes on the consumer;
— employee engagement, i.e. wide-scale work on the rationalization activity, priority on design and team work.

Besides that, the IZTT production system is based on the scientific principles. First of all, it is system work in such fields as problem solving, organization of equipment service, standardization of manufacturing processes, continuous training, inbuilt quality. The philosophy of the IZTT production system is formed from these principles and technologies of their realization.

Continuous training

Team work

System work on 5C programs
and problem solving

Implementation examples of audits. 5C program.

Type of losses: unnecessary movements.
Objective: to remove flooring and pipe, preventing the parts movement.



Type of losses: labour consuming cleaning of stamping “punching” from the floor, its ingress in the gaps and nodes.
Objective: to implement picking-up “punching” from under the punching machine.



The IZTT production system components

Processes improvement methods:

  • “5 С”;
  • problem solving
    standardization, “5 why”;
  • universal equipment
  • quick changeover.

Analysis and management

  • value stream mapping;
  • policy deployment.

Employee involvement methods:

  • universal quality management;
  • proposal submission system;
  • visualization standards.


  • problems identification;
  • system problem solution:
  • organization of continuous
    product flow.


  • consumer orientation;
  • policy design and goals
  • management by key performance indicators.


  • rationalization and project
    activities of continuous improvement;
  • continuous training
    and team work.

Implementation of the IZTT Production system

Submitted proposals for improving and losses decreasing in 2013

Submitted proposals from the beginning of the year, compared to the previous year (2013/2014)