Production and Technology

Company today

The design capacity
of more
Achieved production capacity of more than
thousand items
Daily output
of 3
thousand products
Total floor area
thousand sq.m
storage area
thousand sq.m
Number of employees
Including about
including engineers, technicians
and managers
The modern machine park comprises
of automatic lines and machine tools

Production and Technology

Production cycle

IZTT has a full production cycle for the heating equipment production.
The enterprise is equipped with all necessary production sites:

— The metalworking area;
— The stamping area;
— The painting area;
— The wire preparation area;
— The instant printing area;
— The assembling area;
— The testing laboratory;
— The warehouse.

The testing laboratory

The plant has its own laboratory equipped with modern instruments and devices for testing and verification of manufactured products:

— tests for continuous work of the products
— verification of the basic technical characteristics of the products
— tests for electrical safety
— product moving parts fence checking, etc.

These measures allow IZTT to guarantee the quality and safety of heating equipment for the consumer.

The painting area

Coating application is performed on a EUROIMPIANTI painting line made in Italy.

The line comprises powder coating equipment by the world’s leading manufacturer ITW GEMA, Switzerland.

The painting line provides a complete painting process cycle.

The completely automated equipment helps observe the process cycle and obtain a consistent quality coating.

The wire preparation area

The wire preparation area is of critical importance in the production cycle.

— reliable electric contacts between heating equipment items play a crucial role in ensuring heating equipment safety;
— all wires are therefore prepared on advanced, high efficiency machines, which exclude any potential poor contact;
— wire cutting and stripping is performed on automatic equipment by KOMAX, Switzerland;
— Italian-made semi-automatic presses MECAL are used for wire crimping;
— a two-ton crimping force ensures reliable electrical and mechanical contact for all connections;
— additional heat shrinking is carried out manually by industrial hairdryer.

The assembling area

The entire range of heating equipment is assembled on five assembly lines.

— the assemblers’ smooth and effective teamwork allows to manufacture more than 3,000 product units a shift.;
— our fine-tuned production processes maintain a high operating rate to maximize the capacity;
— the key priority for any line worker is assembly quality!
— the quality control department inspectors check 100% of the products for serviceability and compliance of their exterior with the stringent internal standards. Only the products that passed quality control are delivered to the warehouse.

The warehouse

Total area is more than 3,000 m².

The multilevel racks allow the whole warehouse area to be efficiently utilized.
The warehouse stores stocks of components and materials to ensure operational production and shipment of required product volumes.

The instant printing area

The area is fitted with modern highly productive printing-machines of world leaders Riso, Roland, Ushida — Japan, Kasfold — England.

Plotter/cutter VersaCAMM (Roland) combines the abilities of printing and contour cutting. It’s equipped with print heads of new generation, allowing to apply print in 6 different colors with enhanced playback of shades of up to 1440 dpi.

Speed of plotter printing reaches 23 sq.m/h on the working platform to a width up of 1.6 m.

Full color inkjet printer ComColor (Riso) prints up to 150 pages per minute. Ecological soy-based inks are used for printing.

The instant printing area allows in the shortest time to provide the production with box and parts stickers of almost any shape and color, as well as operations manuals in full color performance up to A4 format.

The metalworking area

The metalworking area is fitted with up-to-date equipment produced by TRUMPH, Germany and Durma, Turkey

The punching machines cut out heating equipments body parts to an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The machines work in fully automatic mode at preset program at the control terminals.

Part bending is carried out on high-efficiency sheet bending presses. The bending length can be up to 2.5 m.

The maximum automation degree of the metalworking area guarantees the invariably high quality of the released parts, thereby ensuring an accurate product assembling.

The stamping area

Equipment’s body parts are manufactured on a high efficiency stamping line.

— The line consists of 15 presses with maximum press power ranging from 40 to 275 tons;
— The manufacturing starts with cutting a sheet metal coil;
— The most powerful hydraulic presses are designed to shape the future parts;
— The area is also equipped with crank presses, which make punching and bending of blanks. The working speed reaches 6 beats per minute;

The high performance of the stamping area provides short-cycle production of even the biggest parties of housing parts.

Components of success


State-of-the-art automatic equipment from Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey and Switzerland guarantees consistently high product quality.

The material and technical basis provides full production cycle and short production terms that enables us to respond quickly to the Customer’s requirements.

Immaterial resources

The highly qualified staff is the basis of the plant’s steady operation.

Due to short production terms and timely product shipment, IZTT established itself as a reliable and responsible partner.

The wide and constantly updated product range and its high quality are the key components of IZTT success.

Private network of authorized service centers provides high quality and minimal repair terms.


Development and implementation of production standards and processes along with multistage quality control exclude the possibility of rejects.

The constant search and knowledge sharing with leading Russian and European universities, laboratories, and institutes ensures rapid development and introduction of new technologies for the production and product development.

The modern Russian production, professional approach to the development and orientation to high quality at attractive prices are the key factors creating the rush demand for IZTT equipment.