Children"s Day in IZTT


On June 4 IZTT has congratulated the children of the employees on Children's Day and has summed up the results of the annual competition "The diary of the Excellent Student".

For children of preschool age, children's morning performance has been carried out. Together with children different types of dances have been studied: from dance of shamans and a twist to modern rhythmical dancing sheaves. Children have dreamed up at contest of drawings “Our Summer” on the asphalt, having shared bright emotions and colorful ideas of the summer. Participants of morning performance have checked the dancing skills. None of participating have remained unattended also a small sweet gift!

After morning performance the results of the contest "The diary of the Excellent Student" have been summed up. The whole year children tried to climb up persistently and persistently to science tops and to participate in various contests and the scientific contests. To congratulate the participants of the contests and the children by means inspiring song “I have come the Winner» of the international and All-Russian vocal contests of Ibragimovа Ziliya. Novikova Darya and Klimenko Darya became winners of the contest "Diary of the Excellent Student" on IZTT. The factory has congratulated winners by tablet computers. Gift certificates have marked out winners in the following nominations: "Hero of the sport" of Timofeevа Milanа; "The erudite - the researcher" of Permyakov Danil and "The creative person" of Leontyeva Aleksandra. Other participants of the contest have received certificates on visit of the interactive museum of science of "KIDOLAB" where they will visit labyrinths, focuses and a secret rooms.

We thank all participating in the contest "The diary of the Excellent Student" and we wish success in future educational and creative activities and fine warm summer holiday!