Water fan heaters

Water fan heaters


Powerful industrial heaters with water heat exchanger are used for heating warehouses, production workshops, hangars, supermarkets and hypermarkets, greenhouses, poultry and livestock complexes, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, any other large premises.
They allow organizing the uniform air heating without significant financial costs.

Series 1
Item HP-30.000W HP-60.000W
Heat air output, m³/h 5300 5000
Range of heating power, kW 15-30 30-60
Flow temperature, max, °C 150
Working pressure, max, mPa 1.6
Power supply, V / Hz 220/50
Engine power, kW 0.42
Rated current, A 1.9
Motor protection, class IP54
Noise level at a distance of 5 m, dB (A) 56
Mounting dimensions for the nipples, inch 3/4
Device dimensions (W×H×D) without holder, mm 350×820×960
Box dimensions (W×H×D), mm 385×860×1000
Net weight, kg 21.7 24.4
Gross weight, kg 24.7 27.4
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— Modern plastic housing preserves flawless appearance during all term of operation;

— Powerful high-performance fan generates air flow up to 25m in length;

— There is mounting bracket for the vertical installation and under 45° with the possibility of the fan heater rotation in any direction;

— Suspension is allowed on the threaded studs, horizontally or vertically;

— Possibility of connection to system of blowing ventilation.

Photos of the main components